Why Isn’t It Happening Faster?

Why isn’t it happening faster? Marc and I are constantly working on our money mentality. One of the ways we do that is by constantly talking about it. Talking about where we want to be, correcting each other when we use lack thinking, and sometimes falling into the trap of why aren’t we farther along. This is a sneaky problem. On the one hand we are only trying to do better for ourselves and our potential, but on the other we are focused on the wrong thing.

It’s sneaky because I am not saying don’t take an objective look at where you are at. I am also not saying you shouldn’t want more in life. It’s a fine line we cross when we start focusing MORE on why we don’t have it yet. Remember, you get more of what you focus on. So if the balance is tipped to focusing more on what you lack instead of where you are moving toward then you may be drawing in more of what you don’t want. Yikes.

YES take an objective look at your money situation
NO don’t obsess about your lack
YES be honest with yourself and your money
NO don’t pretend its better or worse than it is
YES be content with what you have
NO don’t be stagnant and stop growing because of anxiety

What is your warning sign that you have crossed the line into focusing too much on the negative?

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