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I know you have big dreams that money would make possible.

You want to close the gap between where you are and what you know is your potential. You are doing what you're supposed to, only to find yourself stuck. You know your potential and yet no matter how hard you try you feel blocked from it. Even though friends and family see you as successful by societies standards, you know you are capable of more. You pay your bills, you are being responsible, but you are tired of chasing money. 

I grew up middle class, where money didn't grow on trees. I also grew up Christian, where being rich could prevent you from getting into heaven. I am half Dutch so penny pinching is in my DNA. At 8 years old my mom says one of my favorite things was checking out the neighbors massive coupon system in their garage. 


I have always been interested in money, but it was always with the idea that it was limited and I needed to be tightfisted about it. At 10 years old I distinctly remember not ordering a root beer when my family went out to Red Robin so they wouldn't have a higher bill. Money equaled anxiety.

I realized there are people who have peace with their money and I went about figuring out how. Now I want to show you the calmness and ease that comes when you are confident about your money. I want to show you a life where money doesn't cause arguments, and an unexpected bill doesn't send your anxiety through the roof or cause you to avoid it like the plague. I promise I can show you because I made that transition in my own life and I will show you the adjustments you can make to achieve your own happy relationship to your money.


I appreciate all the ideas out there on ways to make a buck or save a penny. "Don't buy that latte" or "put your credit card in the freezer" are fine and fair advice, but if you are tired of trying to willpower your way to millions, then I have a better solution. Together we will work on transforming our way of thinking, our ideas and our beliefs about money. When your beliefs change, your actions automatically change and therefore your results change.

I give practical wisdom to inspire you to shift your way of thinking about money.

I will show you how to remodel your ideas about money so you can handle more of it. Money mentality is one of the most important things you can transform in this life! We are going to use money as the physical barometer of the internal changes we need to make. When you work on what may be blocking your money flow everything else falls into place. I want all of us to accomplish all that we are capable of.

Let's start with fixing our beliefs about money so we can
get to the business of achieving those dreams.

So are you ready to being your journey towards financial breakthrough? A great place to start would be with my "Wheel of Misfortune" to help you determine the root causes of your Money Blocks and how to overcome them.  
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