My Hardest Lesson

If you want to grow your money and yourself, the ticket is letting money flow through you. Not having it come to you and stop. We don’t want money constipation. Or any constipation for that matter.

When we work our whole lives for money so we can safely save every penny, we are actually hoarding it. I know one person who has a huge problem with this => Me. It is one of my hardest lessons to learn.

Money multiplies when its moving. #misswisdom

Money needs to be invested so it can be used to make more money. As Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank says, money is like little soldiers, we want to send them out to capture more little soldiers.

I am all for building wealth, which does mean keeping your money. But money doesn’t have to sit idle and it doesn’t have to all be in risky investments. Flow means your goal isn’t building a savings account at .5%, but you also aren’t trying to create a mighty rushing river by always trying to make a quick buck. It means we aren’t ignoring or avoiding our money, we are creating movement with our money so we can multiply it.

What is one thing you can do to create some positive movement with your money?

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