Don’t Be The Last To Know

I come from the “Get a Safe Secure Job, Save Money, Retire, Live Happily Ever After” camp.  I am sure you probably have heard of it, or you went to the same camp – there are quite a few of us.  As with all teaching, this came from a right intention.  The industrial revolution needed to churn out workers for the factories, people who could be counted on to do the same job everyday.  And those people needed security.  It was important for the time and highly beneficial to both the employer and employee.  But we can do better now.
What’s changing is more people are opening up to the idea of abundance.  This idea that if there isn’t enough, more will be created. I personally believe in an abundant God, as many of you would agree with.  The key is connecting our spiritual practice to our money.
Don’t be a crodgety old fogey and pretend the times aren’t changing.  Don’t be the last one to the party.  There is a new level of awareness happening around money.  And it’s a spiritual shift.  Instead of focusing so much on the making of money, we are focusing on our relationship to money.  Let’s change how we think about money instead of blaming our lack of money on the boss or the broken dryer, or that you need new tires on the car.  We have within us the power to make wealth.  Let’s learn how to tap into that instead of focusing on what we lack.

How do you see your ideas changing about abundance?  Let’s talk about it below.

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