The ONE Thing That Causes Me To Change

The way I know it’s time to change and start a new season is not a brave act of faith. I wish I could say that I have completely overcome my need for security, but while it’s diminished over the years, I still find it playing peekaboo when I least expect it. I wish I could say with every new idea, great faith overcomes me and I drop everything else and jump in with both feet. Instead I stand by the edge of the pool and dip my feet in far too many times to count, walk around the pool, fly a drone over the pool, test the PH of the water and do whatever else I can to avoid jumping in. But the thing that ultimately moves me is regret. Not scary regret. I think its actually good regret. It’s the regret I don’t have yet. I know it’s time to take the risk when my future self will regret not doing it. That’s when I make the change. The promise of riches, the appeal of fame, the possible dream come true – none of that moves me like the possibility of regret. Because I know when I am standing on the other side of my decision, even if I fail, I will know I did what I had to. At that point, I step on the water and the bridge appears.

What will you do to avoid regret?

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