I Want To Know Your Questions!

I want to know!

What do YOU want to know?

I am going to be doing some Q&A videos and I need your questions! You may have seen the Money Talks videos over on SueBryce.com For all you photographers out there, you cannot get better education than subscribing to Sue's photography training videos and while you are there, you can view the Money Talks we did together.

Now it's time to dive deeper and answer your specific questions  about money. It can be personal or business. If the talks inspired you to take a look at your ideas around money, or if you just have a great question, then let's continue the conversation!

What is a pain point with money?

Do you know you have a money block but aren't sure the next step to get past it??

Do you see a pattern in your money and want to know what is causing it?

Do you recognize a negative money belief but aren't clear on another option?

Do you have a money situation that you aren't sure what to do?

Can I make more money without fixing my money blocks?

Do you need money to make money?

Ask away! These are just ideas but if one resonates with you be sure to put it in the comments below. You can also ask questions specific to your situation. I just want to pick your brain and see what you want to know when it comes to getting breakthrough results with your money.

Feel free to comment anonymously if you want.


There is ABSOLUTELY a block around money and I’m working through it…or at least I hope I am. It is funny how much confidence plays in that role. When I simply expect; not hope, not wish, but EXPECT something to happen (I want that parking spot or the perfect client will appear exactly when I NEED her too, etc.) it never fails. But there is this weird ebb and flow around money specifically. Personally and professionally.
When I NEED for that perfect client to appear or NEED to pay that bill – that desperation is dripping off of me. As much as I try to quiet it, it only gets worse.
I work on my business EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year and I’ve raised my average sale to over $1300 and up until this month was photographing 3.25 clients per week. And then poof! I missed the proverbial clutch in my marketing and only just now regaining momentum.
Long story short, how to I regain that confidence to attract a consistent flow of revenue? I am 39 years old and frankly, there is nothing glamorous about struggling. 10, 15 years ago? Fine. The struggle was part of the path to success. Or, at least I thought it was. You always hear people talk about “Oh, remember when we lived in that shitty apartment and the power had been turned off and blah blah blah…” and how that struggle somehow made the success more real for them? Well, I’m certainly past the power being turned off but it would absolutely be nice if I could not postpone the payment every billing cycle. Let alone have any savings to speak of.
Thanks for listening Tiffany. I hope this garbled mess (I tend to write in a stream of consciousness) helps you to choose your topics for the site, yours and Sue’s both. Congratulations on your launch and I am excited for more insight from you both.

Hello! and congratulations on your website you rock!

I have money blocks and do not know the next step to get over them. Because you know ” Money doesn’t grow on trees and you need to work really hard to earn a buck” etc..

I have started to practice saying my prices but I get nauseous when peoples face change or when they say chezzz your expensive! I always feel not worth it and feel like I have to give them a lower price.

Thank you!

Hi Tiffany! I love listening to you speak about money so I’m really looking forward to seeing what more you and Sue add to her site!

My question is specific to how you move up. I’m at “Manager” but want to know what specific steps I can take to move up to Proficient, then Accumulator, then Investor. What steps can people take to ensure they are moving up the chain?


Hi Tiffany, I have to come to realise I am a over spender, big time!!! My problem is, when I want to do anything whether it be a new hobby or anything it always requires me to spend money……I will give you examples – I love makeup so I spend all this money constantly on new products, I love scrap booking so I spend loads of money on craft and scrap booking supplies and printing, I love making my own natural face creams so I end up buying all the ingredients, or if I do a juicing diet I have to go out and spend money on organic vegetables etc……you get my point , I’m always having to spend…..spend…. Spend there is No way I could avoid not spending money on the things I love to do…..I need all of it and that maybe is my problem, I’m an all or nothing person, I can’t just “make do” with what I’ve got – that actually makes me cringe. I have to go out and get all the best supplies. And lots of them too!! I can’t save money because I need all of these things and yes I do really need them. There is always something “I need to buy”. I always find something I really desperately need!!! They make me happy – makeup, books, scrap booking, beauty products, creams, clothes…… What are your opinions on that?

Right now, I’m working full time as a marketing team leader for a large corporation, been there 24 years… on evenings and weekends I dive into my photography of which I’m self taught an avid follower of Sue Bryce. My goal is to move into a full time professional beauty and portrait photographer. I am debt free and own my own home… but I think I still have a money block because I have a very hard time charging what I do think I’m worth, and I don’t think I’m yet deserving of the money. I can’t seem to get passed this part and I need help!

Hey Tiffany… i would like to know how you coped with working in another job and trying to organise your photography business.. I am currently working full time as a travel consultant in a call centre (working four x 10.5 hour days). Even though i end up with 3 days off, its generally recouping from work… I give full service to all of my travel customers, but i know i drop the ball with my photography clients.. at the weekends we have my husband’s children, so have to spend all the time on those days with them.. i genuinely want to get into this business!!! apart from that, all of my attributes are similar to Sue… i spend rather than save… although want to turn that completely around!!! i have a wishlist of many things in my life and am trying to balance everything to get there…

Alyssa Morgan

Hey Tiffany!

I have a problem similar to Sue’s. I’m a big spender. I find myself spending money before I even have it, racking up debt and wondering where all my money has gone. This has been a pattern of mine for 10+ years. There are some months I wonder how I will pay my bills, and once I am paid, I pay them, put no money in savings. And buy more crap I don’t need. I want so badly to break this cycle, and the answer seems easy, but I just can’t stop!

I have watched the money blocks videos on Sue’s Convocation:)

I am someone where between victim and survivor. I am also a spender, mainly on business education these days although I barely make enough money between my two part time jobs to pay the bills. I started my business (makeup artist) three years ago however have yet to transition into it full time it’s more of an expensive hobby. I also have thousands in debt and am currently being assisted by my parents and ex husband to meet my commitments. I am unable to leave my jobs as I require the guaranteed income however as I work weekends as a retail makeup artist, it prevents me working in my business of Weddings and Special Occasion Makeup. I am looking to partner with fellow artists and stylists to form an agency that way the business will grow until I can afford to leave my day jobs. After discovering Sue Bryce I have reignited my passion to learn photography as I can only see it being an asset to my business overall. Obviously I have discovered my many money blocks along the way.

I require a step by step strategy to advance through the stages, including something as simple as money management. I.e. when you receive income from a job what percentage do you allocate where? I would so love to be financially independent I know I can do it, I just need a plan.

Oh my goodness, the “Do you need money to make money?” question hit it with us. We have split responsibilities right now and our paycheck from our long-time job is what is funding our dream because we don’t have the option of leaving the one job to go full time in our dream business. It is frustrating and heartbreaking sometimes that we can’t just throw ourselves full time into our photography business. We aren’t giving that up, even though there are times when it is draining the personal money to keep that up and running. We keep telling ourselves the day will come…. Meanwhile, it takes money to stay in operation, keep the doors open and keep the possibility alive to go full time. Its a cycle for us and one we’d like to straighten into a path that leads us forward both creatively and financially. How do we not drain ourselves personally and yet still keep money for operations?

Not sure what my blocks are, but I am noticing that I waffle between wanting to charge more, wanting to charge less, wanting to invest it back into the business (but don’t know how) and wanting to sit on it so I have something to show for working so hard to get it. The business side seems to deplete the creativity right out of me…. Thank you for walking us through this.

Hi Tiffany,

Thank you so much for all this info about money! It is very helpful!


I know I need to increase my income too, but for now, considering credit cards dept of around $12k, and having about $2,200 monthly income (without taxes), what would you suggest me to do to one day become dept free? Getting desperate, but I know I can hustle and will get out of this mess.

Thank you!




As a photographer knowing if my work is worthy of charging a higher price. How do you know? Also if I do charge the higher price then the pressure to deliver only the highest quality work/product on a consistent basis is present. Finally, if I raise my prices the customers will stop calling. I hear often “Then it’s not your customer”. But if you charge more than the market will bear then who is your customer and how do you know if you’re charging too much?


Hi Tiffany,

I feel in such a financial mess at the moment, so much so I have had zero drive for the last 2 months as I have watched money dribble away and everything that comes in is going out. I am seriously considering consolidation and I have applied for a job now so I can at least save my studio space and try and build it on days off. I have been in business a year and have had up’s and down’s along the way. I am learning but now im on my knees I have to do something I just want to be able to cull my debts and build some money up again for round 2. What would be your advice? x

Hi I bought the course in creative live – loved it!
You said in there (Sue) to pay yourself 20% of what comes in to your business. Did I understand that – 20% of revenue?

I have a company structure not sole trader. So if I need 6500 net monthly my business has to earn 32500 minimum? Or after expenses? Either way I’m shocked and wondering if I’ve misunderstood?

Help please


Hey,yes that is correct. There are some exceptions. Are you a service business or do you sell a product? If you want to take home more than 20% it has to come from another category like marketing. But it is 20% from the gross income, not after expenses. 🙂

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