Overcoming Money Guilt Course

Do you want more money in your life but feel blocked from achieving it?

Do you dread anything having to do with money?

Do you feel it's hard to reconcile your spiritual upbringing with having an abundance of money?

Do you want more financial peace instead of distress and worry?

You are not alone. Because of anxiety and worry about money, you may have tried every band-aid available. A new budget, cutting up credit cards, or cutting out lattes. But you find yourself back in the same situation. Maybe it works for awhile but you end up feeling powerless to make a lasting change.

What if you could discover and resolve what is really holding you back from your money? Here is the truth:

What if you could discover and resolve what is really holding you back from your money? Here is the truth:

"No business training, marketing plan, or new job is going to allow you to make and keep more money than you think you deserve."

You will either block yourself from receiving the money or block yourself from keeping the money. You may have created a very successful business but find that you actually don't take home that much money for yourself. You may have accumulated significant wealth through inheritance, a business deal or an unexpected windfall, but now that money is disappearing quickly and no matter what you try you just can't seem to hang onto it. You may struggle to get your business off the ground or feel stuck at the same level of income as your parents.

This course works on spiritual guilt and the generational programming we were taught about money.

If you were taught it's more spiritual to be poor or it's hard for rich people to get into heaven then you will have a very hard time making or keeping money. You will subconsciously do what is necessary to bring you back to the level you think you deserve.

If you were taught that rich people are greedy or rich people have money but not love, then every time you try for more money, there will be this gate in your path holding you back. It's hard to build wealth when you have been instilled with the dangers of being rich.

This course is designed to teach you new interpretations on your old beliefs. We will look at what you really want and what new beliefs will support that. Then we will debunk the myths and offer new analysis, explanation and meaning on some of the spiritual beliefs you were taught.

For example we hear that it's harder for a rich man to get into heaven than for a camel to get through the eye of the needle. When we hear that we assume it is impossible then for a rich man to get into heaven. But getting new information and interpretation can help align our old ideas with what we now would like to believe.

Scholars believe there was an entrance to a city that was called the eye of the needle. Because it was more narrow, camels had to unload their worldly possessions and get down on their knees in order to get through the gate. Now we can see that it is not impossible for a rich man to get into heaven, it is simply that a rich man cannot rely on his worldly possessions to get him through the gate. God is concerned with your heart. Not your money or your possessions. They get left outside the gate at the end of this life and you go through alone, on your knees. How many bags you leave at the gate is up to you.

Join me as we work through the Biblical support of wealth and find new programming that is better aligned with the person you want to be.

This class will be transformational in your relationship to money.

You will walk away with:

  • Achieving peace between your spirituality and your money
  • A deep understanding of how to break down your money barriers
  • Tools and powerful practices to empower you on your journey toward wealth
  • Alignment of your values and your money
  • Using your money motivation to connect to your unique path to wealth
  • Release the old ideas and barriers that block you from your success
  • Create a clear direction and mission for your money
  • A clear vision of your new beliefs to feel calm and confident about your money
  • Become a participant in changing the money culture we live in