Do You Like Your Life? How to get more of it or change it.

You created the life you have now. Is that good news or bad news? Obviously it depends on whether you like your life. Personally, my first reaction is "Wow! Everything I wanted 10 years ago, I have now!" But then my next reaction is, "Wow! I should have asked for more!"

We are all constantly creating. We can be creating chaos or peace, happiness or frustration, love or resentment. Everyday we paint brush strokes on our canvas and create our reality. It can be hard to take responsibility for our part in some of those brush strokes, and others we would gladly paint again. Whether your brush strokes have created a beautiful masterpiece or you have mucked up your painting, we all have the chance to use fresh paint tomorrow.

There is only one way to use fresh paint - you must get clear on what you want. That clarity allows you to start painting deliberately with the color you choose. As soon as you lose the focus on what it is you want, you start painting like my two year old - using every color, all together, sending mixed messages and creating mud.

I am notorious for wanting to know HOW something will happen. But the HOW is never something I need to figure out right now. I first just need to know WHAT. Some people need to express WHY NOT, why it won't work, why it can't happen, or why it's out of their control. Some need to know WHEN, if I do x when will y appear, I am working so hard but nothing is changing yet, or how long will it take before I see a change?

The truth is, you just need to know WHAT. What do you want? What do you want your life to look like? What is your heart's desire? When you know what you want the other answers will present themselves.

Let's say as an example, your home is chaotic and you want more peace. Design specifically what you want your home life to look and feel like. Don't look at all the reasons it can't be that way. Don't focus on how many schedules and personalities are conflicting. Don't excuse it as the season of life. Don't tell me anything about what isn't working, just tell me what you want.

 The truth is, you have created around you what you wanted because that is what you were focusing on and we always get more of what we focus on.

If you want to change your reality you have to change what you focus on. And the only way to change what you focus on is to identify what you want and then commit to thinking about that.

It's really that simple.

Enter your text her Keep telling me why you can't, why you haven't, why you need more first, and you will keep painting the same picture over and over again. Take your eyes off the problems in the valley and lift your eyes to the hills. Where do you want to go? Look there and you will go there. Keep your eyes on that and you will find that is the picture you will paint.e...

Now tell me below what you want! Just writing it out will aid in your clarity.

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