Being The Best

Congratulations! This is the first step to getting
breakthrough results with your money.


Your Motivation is:

Being the Best

You are motivated to make money because it is a reward for your contribution.  You like to be incentivized for being the best and money shows that your action resulted in your high financial achievement.  You enjoy the outward signs of wealth.  Not everyone is motivated by monetary rewards, but that will keep you continuing to achieve more.
If you want to increase your income decide what your next reward will be.  Look at ways you can make money that have a clear path to recognition and reward for your productive effort.  If you can work toward a financial reward you will naturally make more money.
Keep in mind, people close to you may not share this motivation and so there can be conflict when you want the high ticket reward and your partner wants something less tangible.
Since most of us don’t only fit in one box, you may find you identify with aspects of the other motivators as well. Your results simply indicate the one you are most strongly connected to and should be your primary focus.
Here are the other motivators:
We don’t do anything in life that goes against our core values.  Aligning your money with what you value and what motivates you are the edges of the puzzle.  I used to make a puzzle every time I went to my Grandma’s house.  What is the first thing every Grandma would teach you about putting a puzzle together.  You have to find the edge pieces and put those together first.  If you are trying to build your wealth puzzle without having your edges in place you are going to be doing a lot of trial and error and not making much progress.
These results are going to help you understand what really drives so you can make money in the way that is easiest for you, not trying to do what works for someone else.
Monetary rewards may not drive you, perhaps more time with your family is most important.  Maybe being the one to explore and discover new things is higher on your list of values than being a part of a mission bigger than yourself.  Or it’s the opposite. Regardless, they all take money.  Finding the reason you would value more money is the first step in opening yourself up to receiving more money.  Nobody gets to do big things in life living in the poor house.  Money will amplify your voice.  You get to choose what that voice will say.