Wheel Of Misfortune

I created the Wheel of Misfortune to help you figure out what where your issues with money lie. As much as we don't want to admit it, our current situation with money is a direct reflection of our money mentality and what is going on inside of us. We are causing our money issues as a result of our own personal issues! If you don't address the problems you have that ultimately affect your ability to receive and manage money, you cannot run a successful business!

There may be periods in your life when different parts of the wheel show up and become more apparent, but there will be parts of the wheel that are prevalent more often and you will see the same behavior patterns in dealing with money in other parts of your life.



Avoidance: You may be overwhelmed and just don’t want to look at it. You may not be allowing yourself to know the truth because it’s too painful. You may be apathetic about money and convincing yourself money isn’t important, so you don’t need to give your attention to it. You may put your money into someone else's hands so you don’t have to deal with it. Dealing with Avoidance is the first step to a healthy relationship with your money. In order to deal with it, you must know the truth. The only way you can find the truth is by looking at the numbers.

Guilt & Shame: You may feel guilty about having more money than you think you deserve or need. You may feel guilty due to an internal conflict around spiritual teachings and money. You may feel guilty for moving up and away from the class level of family and friends. You may feel shame thinking you are a bad person for wanting more money. You may be trying to avoid shame because you have been told negative things about rich people and you don’t want to be bad. You may feel shame due to feelings of unworthiness. Guilt and shame come from bad programming from things that have happened to you or things that you have been told. For the deep emotional wounds from acts perpetrated against you, it often requires professional help with healing. To overcome guilt and shame, you must address the things you have been told that may have created some bad programming that needs to be rewired.

No Boundaries: You may feel unable to say “no”. You may like feeling generous but it comes at the expense of taking care of yourself. You may have enough money coming in, but feel like it always slips through your fingers and you can’t hang onto it. When you don’t have boundaries, you are letting the money flow out without any containment, you often don’t stick up for yourself, and there is a blurred line between you and other people when it comes to YOUR money.

Not Receiving: In order to receive, whether it’s money or love or compliments, you have to believe you are worthy to receive these things. If you don’t believe you are worthy, you will block or slap away the gift because you are unable to accept it.

Overspending: If you are an over spender, you likely have the feelings that you never have enough. You always want more, but in a way that feels out of control. Overspending is buying more than you need with money you don’t really have. To get a feeling that is fleeting and ultimately gets you deeper in debt and in trouble.

Over Giving: It is easy to see all giving as just a good deed. But giving is really a heart issue. Ideally you give joyfully, out of your abundance, without drawing attention to yourself. But you can also give money you don’t really have in order to secretly get something in return. What we want in return is not always money. It can be respect, control, admiration, lording over others, feeling of importance, a need to be seen, respected, be the caretaker, or to achieve a feeling you are lacking.

Resentment: Resentment shows up in all parts of the wheel. It is overarching and most people do not realize they are being resentful. Resentment is the feeling that you have been treated unfairly. We resent people taking from us, yet we are over giving to them. We resent people not paying us and not making us worthy when we aren’t stepping up to feel worthy. We resent ourselves for over consuming. We resent people who avoid, yet we avoid. We resent ourselves for not speaking up, but then we resent people for stepping over our boundaries.

Tightfisted: Being Tightfisted means you hold onto money so tight that there is no flow of money in your life. As with anything stagnant, it is a breeding ground for things you don’t want. In order to have a healthy relationship with money, there must be flow. Fresh money comes in and money flows out in order to create more new money. The goal of the wheel is to be able to balance both bringing in money and keeping that money. In the tightfisted category we look to see if there is an extreme unhealthy reaction to keeping it.

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