Truth About Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been thrown into the airy fairy box. If you can't make a Ferrari appear in your driveway tomorrow, it clearly doesn't work. Not only that but it's kookie and clearly for the hippie group. This is because people have made it too simple. The basic idea has been distilled down so far you basically just have to think about your new car - the make, the color and picture you driving it - and then BAM! You are the proud owner of this neeeeeeww CAAAARRR! (Said with my best announcer voice). Making the concept so simple is exactly why everyone rolls their eyes, because you and I both know life doesn't work that way. You don't go from the want to the reality by clicking your red heels together. There is a lot of hard work in between.

Here is the rest of Law of Attraction:

1. The honest goal or want (Not a wish)

2. Continuous thinking about it (People make a vision board and then stop)

3. Feeling what it's like to accomplish it or have it (Recognize both positive and negative feelings affect your outcome)

4. Turning that feeling into a belief that you already have it (Hardest part)

5. Excitement, knowing that it's coming to you now (Can't pretend this one, it's a natural response when you believe)

Chew on that for a bit. Let me know your questions. We will talk about it more.

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