This video shows one of our events to a corn maze!

I feel life is about people. Well, more accurately life is about people and good food (especially sugar). I mean “eat, drink and be merry” right? Well you can eat and drink in private and hide the evidence, but you can’t really be merry without other people. So, I started this little group as a way to invite people along as we enjoy life. I post events on the Facebook Group Page and if you see something you like, come along!

If you join the Facebook group you will be notified of future events. If you stumbled across this blog and we don’t know each other, then be sure to come out to an event. I would love to meet you!

The concept is easy-squeezy. I just post an event, and tell you where we will be and then I will have a yellow umbrella at the event so you can find us! It turns out that not very many people carry yellow umbrella’s so we should be easy to spot. Easy. Squeezy.

See you under the umbrella!